Facts about our Club

Iron Guardians

The Iron Guardians were founded on May 29th 2007. By a groupd of Bikers who had a mission to improve the lives of America's youth. Our members have experienced various issues as teenagers and young adults and believe we have a message for today's youth who may be experiencing similar issues in their world.
We have a desire to reach out and help guide our young brothers and sisters through the crazy years of young adulthood.
We ride Harleys and are considered to be bikers.
We are law abiding citizen who are raising families, working, and pay taxes.
None of us are cops and we do not allow Law enforcement in our club.
We do background checks on our members.

We are very active in the MC community as a Non territorial club and are active members of COC and United Clubs. We run our club as a true MC following all MC protocol.

> Some of us have felony convictions

> Some of us have experienced the juvenile justice system and/or the adult justice system.

> None of us have any child abuse or child molestation offense’.

> Prospecting Iron Guardians MC is a traditionally longer that most MC's because our mission is our priority. Also we ensure potential members understand the rigors, learn the protocols of the MC world, as well as understand the commitment to our Mission.

There will always be two of us at any given function.
You can call and speak with us and its confidential unless your talking about killing yourself then we alert every one we know.
If you find yourself in a bad situation call us and we will come get you and take you somewhere safe, home, fire station ect. We will help you save face and preserver your coolness factor.

Texas COC