Frequently Asked Questions

Iron Guardians

Why do you wear a three piece patch?
We have earned and wear a three piece patch as a respected part of the MC community in North Texas.

Are you territorial?
No. Our club does not claim territory.

Are you an outlaw club?
No. I will not say we don't have members that have never been in trouble with the law because we have; however, we also have members who have not. That is the whole reason for what we do is to try to stop kids from going down the wrong road and getting involved in the wrong things whether it is from experience from some of our members or watching friends and family make mistakes.

Are you affiliated with any outlaw club?
No. While we respect all clubs and although active in the MC community we do not wear support patches for any other club. Our Mission to support Kids in need is our primiary focus. We are active members of United Clubs and Confederation of Clubs to support the motorcycling community in Texas and do follow MC protocol

Do you allow police officers to ride with you?
No, and here is why. We often tell kids that if they find themselves in a place or a situation they should not be, to call us and we will come to get them. If we have an officer that is called for example to somewhere there is drug activity, we have just put him in a bad situation because he would have to do what he took an oath to do yet if he did nothing and turned a blind eye, he would be at risk for losing his job. It is just a no win situation. On the flip side, we are trying to build trust with these kids and if we send a police officer out there and they were trying to do the right thing by removing themselves from the situation, we have just lost trust with them.