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Need someone to talk to? Need someone to come and get you out of a bad situation? Are you being bullied? You can always call us and we will be there. You make the first step and we will carry you the rest of the way.
We hear so many kids say their parents do not respect them. Respect is earned, it is not given just because you exist. Once you prove yourself to be respectable then it is easier to get it. You have to be willing to give respect in return. Here are some things you can work on to help better your relationship with your parents but you have to be willing to give it a try.

Listen to your parents in the way you want to be listened to. We all like to be heard and we get angry when someone is not listening but in turn you have to listen when you are being spoken to. When you act like you are listening, your parents will do the same.

Let your parent complete what they are saying. Don't interupt them while they are talking. Let them finish what they are saying, then you can talk. Just like you don't like to be interupted, neither do they.

Establishing eye contact. Parents feel you're not listening when you're glancing out the window or peering across the room. Eye contact is of value from the earliest age.

Watch your tone of voice and facial expression. Too often your voice and expression speak as loudly as your words, and if you are bored while your parents are talking, they're likely to react the same way to you while you are speaking to them.

Talk to your parents about common interests. To facilitate communication, talk to your parents about areas of common interest.

See things from your parents's viewpoint. Remember, your parents were teenagers once, many have been down the same road and endured many things their kids endure. Your parents love you and are responsible for your safety and just want the best for you and you should be thankful that someone loves you that much.

Know when to talk and when not to talk. There are times to keep quiet, so develop a sensitivity to both.


Olsen Huff Child Development Center
Dr. Adrian Sandler - Medical Director
Mission Children's Hospital, Asheville, NC

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