IGMC Founder - RoadRunner

Iron Guardians


My name is Roadrunner- I got my road name from being the proud owner of a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. I grew up in a small town in Southeast Texas and if you know anything about small towns, nothing much happens there so I created my own fun. I started out at a very early age skipping school, drinking, drugs- and basically became what we would consider today an "at risk teen". I have done a lot of stupid stuff in my life and finally realized after a couple of brushes with the law, that I needed to change and get my life straight or I would be headed down a road I feared I could never get off of.
Iron Guardians was created with the hopes that we can take our experiences in life and teach the younger generation that life is all about choices and what you do today will determine your future and it is not too late to change.